Colin Dexter
The author of the inspector Morse novels, Colin Dexter, like Alfred Hitchcock, made cameo appearances in each of the Inspector Morse episodes. Most were uncredited. This page may help you to spot him in each episode. There are a few in which I haven't spotted him. I'm also missing pictures for a few episodes. If you can help please let me know.
John Thaw and Colin Dexter
John Thaw and Colin Dexter taking breaks during filming.
The Last Enemy
Walking behind fisherman.
Masonic Mysteries
In brown robe in front of Morse.
The Dead of Jericho
The man passing Morse when visiting Ned Murdock.
The Wolvercote Tongue
The man behind Morse and Lewis in The Chapters Bar of the Randolph Hotel.
Service of All the Dead
Look for the man standing with a woman with a bike when Morse goes to see the Bishop.
The Ghost in the Machine
The man in the Parker Pub  drinking a pint.
The Secret of Bay 5B
The man in the health club bar, while Morse and Lewis are questioning woman
The Sins of the Fathers?
Promised Land?
Do you know where Colin Dexter is in these episodes?  Do you have any of the missing photos? If so, please let me know?
Driven to Distraction
The man in the laundermat with Tim Ablett and Angie Howe.
Fat Chance
The man on the college grounds when Hilary Dobson goes in for interview.
The Death of the Self
Look for the man three seats to Morse's left in the closing opera scene.
Last Seen Wearing
The man walking across the quad when Morse visits Sheila Phillipson in the library.
The Settling of the Sun
Dexter is the Doctor sitting on the next bed to Jane in the last scene.
Last Bus to Woodstock
The man behind Morse during Crowther's lecture.
The Last Enemy
The man on the canal bank in the opening scene.
Deceived by Flight
The man walking behind Lewis & Roland in college.

The Infernal Serpent
One of the men at the chapel during the funeral.
Second Time Around
A man at the Trout Inn when Morse meets Barbara Redpath.
Who Killed Harry Field?
A man in the group when Ian Matthews presents Morse with postcard.
Greeks Bearing Gifts
A man in college porter's lodge when Morse leaves after dinner with Jerome Hogg.
Dead on Time
Man with his back to the camera at the Schubert reception.
Absolute Conviction
A prisoner being led from the chapel, and listening to a sermon.
Happy Families
A tramp in the street when Billy is on the rooftops.
Cherubim and Seraphim
The man next to Dr Collier at presentation.
Deadly Slumber
Dexter is the college porter showing Morse and Lewis to Brewster.
The Way Through the Woods
Man at concert with Morse in opening scene.
The Day of the Devil
Look for a man drinking tea on the hotel lawn.
Twilight of the Gods
The man in the Sheldonian Theatre behind Lord Hinksey.
The Daughters of Cain
The man with the crutches in the hospital waiting room.
Death Is Now My Neighbour
Dexter is the Vicar saying grace at the  college dinner.
The Wench Is Dead
A man at the conference in the opening scene.
The Remorseful Day
Tourist in wheelchair